Why Jumping®


Jumping® is best described by this quote:

„Jump yourself up from bad mood and excess weight“.

Do you experience stressful situations during a day that cause accumulation of harmful substance in your body?
  • come and treat your body with aerobic movement without excessive overload of joints which helps to clean your organism from harmful substances accumulated in your body

Jumping® + TABATA

Via Tabata you can achieve a better figure and condition in a shorter time. Therefore, we are involved in our lessons Tabata.

Tabata is a type of interval training developed by a Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata. Just a mere four minutes a day to increase aerobic capacity (endurance) and anaerobic values (explosive). Since Tabata increases endurance, enhances your body’s ability to burn more body fat. Key timing when’re working at 100% for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest between 4 minutes.

For beginners, we recommend visiting first lesson Jumping®BASIC and FUN and then challenging lessons as Jumping®Intermediate and FIT, where it is involved Tabata.

What are you going to achieve when doing aerobic exercise regularly?
  • physical condition improvement
  • start up your metabolism of fats – The more you move, the more your body use fat as a source of energy
  • gaining health benefits as: immunity support, normalization of hormonal activity, positive regulation of a level of cholesterol, reduction of hypertension, diabetes prevention
  • releasing endorphins improve mood – watch out endorphins are highly addictive :)

What are you experiencing during a Jumping® fitness exercise?

  • constant jumping
  • strengthening the muscles you do not know you have :)
  • proper stretching
  • a lot of fun

What is Jumping®?

It is an exciting new way to exercise where a dance rhythm and jumps on trampoline are combined. During jumping your deep back and abdominal muscles are strengthened. Therefore the exercise corrects a body posture. Clients have a lot of fun when balancing which is much harder on a soft trampoline than on a solid ground. The load capacity of a trampoline is up to 120 kg.

Jumping® fitness exercises are purposely choreographed of fast and slow movements of a whole body which is performed on a specially developed types of trampolines Jumping®PROFI type J6H130. This exercise stretches an entirely whole body. By synchronizing each exercise during a lesson, more than 400 muscles in the body are involved so unilateral load is avoided. Through our long experience we know that joints are not overloaded.

Try Jumping®, everybody loves jumping!