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Timetable/price list

Due to the capacity of 17 pieces of trampolines must be booked in advance by online booking system.

Reservation system is only in Czech language. If you need help, please contakt us on email info@jumping-fitness-brno.cz.

Timetable and booking lessons: see here


1 entrance 120 Kč 1 entrance 100 Kč
10 entrances 1000 Kč 10 entrances 850 Kč
(1 entrance in rezervation system = 120 credits)                                                               (10 entrances in rezervation system = 1200 credits) 

Student discount can be applied only after providing a valid student ID. 

Storno Reservations:

At least 12 hours before the lesson, otherwise it’s not attributing credit back to your account.

Payment for recharge credits:

The instructor takes money for entry before lesson begins or you can pay in advance to a bank account 2000653887/2010. More information about payment transfer here.

Gift Voucher:

Give the Gift Certificate to pass 12 or 6 entry for lessons Jumping.

To purchase at our lecturers before the lesson or by telephone appointment.

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What to bring to the lessons:

  • hard aerobic shoes with clean soles
  • sports clothing (leggings or shorts, t-shirt and ladies do not forget a sports bra, it is needed)
  • a towel
  • a lot of fluids (preferably water)
  • we recommend you not to eat an hour before the exercise.


After paying the entrance per lesson participant of lesson expresses agreement that is aware of own health conditon and exercise at their own responsibility. It also expresses agreement that adapts to the intensity of the exercise of his abilities and current health condition. The instructor does not bear any responsibility for any health ailments occuring during or after the lesson.

 Marek Stejskal, Bezručova 1570/1 Blansko 67801                                                                                                    IČO: 87729016