Jumping-Fitness-Brno offers attractive aerobic workout on patented trampolines. Lessons in Jumping-Fitness-Brno underway under an expert supervision of  Ing. Barbora Němcová, who has been a Jumping® instructor since 2009.

During our lessons, our clients can experience an ideal physical load for their bodies so they can release stress and after an exercise are left with a good feeling in their bodies and souls.

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In our jumping-Brno-Fitness exercises take place under the supervision of properly trained Jumping® instructors from JSTB International Ltd. For our clients the latest models of original high quality trampolines Jumping®PROFI are arranged.

During Jumping® lessons you will experience a fun form of exercise without excessive overloading of joints and complex choreography. Jumping® will help to improve your condition, adjusting your weight and keep you in shape.

Try Jumping®, everybody loves jumping!